MusicHub was started in 2015 and exists to showcase new tunes written in the Scottish tradition. The Scottish tradition is changing all the time and whilst we all LOVE the old tunes – lots of great new tunes are being written as well. This site will build a collection of new tunes which are easily accessible and printable so everyone can learn them.

This is not a website for professional musicians and composers it is a website for ALL musicians and composers.  If you are a composer of tunes and songs please upload them to MusicHub. We want to play and sing them!

MusicHub was born out of Hands Up for Trad’s 2014 Collection competition originally hosted on That was based on the very popular (and fabulous) Traditional Music and Song Association’s Nineties Collection which came out in 1990. This featured all the tunes of the day and I still refer to it today.

This website is not in anyway trying to take business away from any of our publishing companies. We are very lucky in Scotland that people publish old and new music. We hope that these companies may upload a tune to this site as part of their overall marketing for their own books and we will help to publicise and sell their books and CDs.

MusicHub is a Hands Up for Trad project. Hands Up for Trad believe in Scottish music and we want the world to know and love it. We do this through many projects including the Scots Trad Music Awards, BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Award, Distil, Tinto Summer School, FolkWaves and more. You can read more about all of these projects at and sign up for our weekly newsletter (and get a free e-book!).