Chasing the Moon composed by David Morrison

There was a lunar eclipse one cloudy Scottish evening and I spent a while driving around parts of the countryside trying to find a clear bit of sky to be able to view the event. It’s never gonna be easy in Scotland with our weather! I eventually managed to catch up with the elusive Mr […]

Archie McAllister’s Five-Stringed Fiddle composed by David Morrison

This one’s for the most incredibly amazing fiddle player, Archie McAllister from Campbeltown. As we were setting up and sound checking at a gig I played this tune which I had just written and Archie asked what it was called. I told him that I hadn’t yet named it and asked if he liked it. […]

Amy Morrison’s Jig composed by David Morrison

A quirky wee jig written for my elder daughter when she was wee. It’s a cheeky wee tune which suits Amy to a T 🙂