The Queen o Sorrow composed by Colin Crombie

Winner, Original Song in Scots competition at the 48th (2017) Newcastleton Folk Festival. A short song about impending environmental catastrophe, the imagery builds from apparent unrelated vanity and a farewell to natural beauties, turning gradually to disastrous man-made calamity and catastrophe, with no hope of turning the tide, or of redemption, to facing a bleak, […]

We Love Oor Ain The Best composed by Colin Crombie

Banned! My claim to infamy – I was red-carded for this song at the original song competition at the Glenfarg Folk Feast in 2015 – and banned from entering again for a year. It’s just a bit of fun (and a rare comic song from me, if you’ve looked at or listened to my other […]

Medana’s Well composed by Colin Crombie

Medana’s Well tells the story of the legend behind the ancient healing or holy well near Glasserton in Dumfries and Galloway, known as St Medana’s Well. Medana – or Medan, or also known by several other versions of her name – had been an Irish noblewoman who spurned all the advances of the Irish gentry […]

Bonny Birds (for the lives lost in the Ross-shire Massacre of 2014) composed by Colin Crombie

This was written in response to the Ross-shire Massacre of 2014 – when within days 22 birds of prey were found dead in a small area near Conon Bridge. Like most of my songs, it almost wrote itself – as if the spirit of the raptors sought a voice. And like many songs, it was […]

Kivviaqtuq (Dedicated to life and memory of Alex Ritchie) composed by Colin Crombie

Based on a true story. In the spring of 1908, a small whaling ketch with a crew of 10 (plus a young Inuit) sailed from Dundee bound for the settlement of Signia on Baffin Island. Alex Ritchie from Gourdon was one of the whalers. At Signia the whole village of 65 people, with dogs, was […]

The Skelf composed by Colin Crombie

Allegorical. Satirical. Political. Polemical, passionate and proselytising too, perhaps. What’s not to like? Another strongly traditional sounding piece, this rose from the ashes of despair following the result of the 2014 Scottish Referendum for Independence. I think it will stand the test of time, just as a song in itself – as with a lot […]

Sic Treasures composed by Colin Crombie

Living in Fife, I’d heard of the famous Norrie’s Law silver hoard – and seen a few pieces displayed in the National Museum (of the few that avoided destruction / recycling in Victorian days). One day I finally stopped by the wayside and walked to Norrie’s Law – an unassuming knoll between Upper Largo and […]

My Granny’s Pocket (to the memory of Duncan Williamson) composed by Colin Crombie

A stone tae his cairn – to the memory of Duncan Williamson. I once sat down with Duncan (at Fifesing) over a cup of tea, and he told me this story of his childhood (which is also in one of his books), about this incident when he and his sister took his Granny’s pocket (a […]

Fine Silk composed by Colin Crombie

A song about Isabella Duncan, Countess of Fife and the Duchess of Buchan, and about her being caged on the walls of the castle at Berwick on Tweed for about four years in the early 1300s, on the orders of Edward Langshanks, for her role in supporting and crowning Robert the Bruce in 1306. I […]

Far Skies composed by Colin Crombie

This song came after a weekend workshop with Christine Kydd (at Stroma in Gardenstown) – I was the only man with a group of women participants, and some of the shared stories at the end of the day brought this story to me – a song about the passing of a life, of memories and […]