Peter C Davie is a composer with compositions uploaded to MusicHub. Read below to find out more about them.

I think my composing style is heavily influenced by the music I have listened to over the years and I suppose I am putting together phrases in a unique way within traditional structures.  Thus the 18-6 Two Step has the same structure and tempo as Jimmy Shand’s 6-20 Two Step but the musical phrases are (I hope) original.  I often build up a piece from a short phrase which comes into my head subconsciosly(?).

I have played Accordion and keyboards for over 40 years with Chapter 4 Folk & Ceilidh Band and travelled extensively with them, including several trips to the Lorient Festival in Brittany.  I have recorded an LP (Hanging Around Stirling) and CD (Where Legends Remain) with Chapter 4.

I played piano with the Stirling Caledonian Strathspey and Reel Society for several years under Bill Cook.

I have published 2 volumes of traditional music for the Riverside Music Project (jointly with Jo Miller) and maintain our Repertoire on the web site.

I am leader of (Stirling) Riverside Ceilidh Band and occasionally guest with other local ceilidh Bands.

I am a regular at the Wednesday Session in Stirling’s Settle Inn.

Check out Peter C Davie’s music here.

Check out Peter C Davie’s website.

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