Hi there, here are some frequently asked questions about MusicHub.

About Us

What is MusicHub?
MusicHub was started in 2015 and exists to showcase new tunes written in the Scottish tradition. The Scottish tradition is changing all the time and whilst we all LOVE the old tunes – lots of great new tunes are being written as well. Read more


How do I register?
You can register by filling in and submitting the registration form. Once you have successfully submitted the form an email with a confirmation link will be sent to you. Please do check your junk mail box just in case it was sent there by mistake. Click the link specified in the email to confirm your registration. You should now be a registered user and can login into your account on musichub.scot.


Can I upload my music sheet?
Yes, once you have registered you can start uploading music sheets (link on the right hand column). Please note that all music sheets files have to be in PDF format.

What information should I include on music sheet?
Make sure your composition has the composers name on it. You could also include at the bottom of sheet the copywriter symbol with your name and year. You could also include guitar chords.

Do I have to use professional music software?
Not at all! You can write your tune on a bit of manuscript and take a photo. You then need to change it into a pdf though. Most smartphones have an app that can do this. I use Jotnot Pro which takes a photo of the music and then turns it into pdf right away. You could also take a photo of music – either email it to yourself from smartphone or take memory card out of camera and transfer it to your computer. You can print a pdf file from your computer. Any questions please contact us.


How do I copywrite my music?
Firstly you should be a member of PRS for Music. PRS for Music is the home of PRS and MCPS. They represent the rights of over 115,000 songwriter, composer and music publisher members, and help ensure they are rewarded when their music is played or performed. It’s a small amount of money to join but it is a one of fee for life. When you have joined you register your tunes and songs with them and if they are played on radio or a recording PRS for Music will collect the money and pay you. https://www.prsformusic.com/joinus/writer/Pages/writer.aspx

If joining PRS for Music isn’t for you you can also use the old method of putting your composition in an envelope and (snail) mail it to yourself. This way it is dated. Remember to not open the envelope when it arrives at your house. File it away safely. You can put more than one composition in an envelope.


How do I print the music?
Click on the download button and the pdf will open in another tab in your browser. Print that page


I have another question. How do I contact you?
You can contact us here!


How do I get in touch with you during out-of-hours?

Please find contact details on the Contact Page.