On Saturday 4th January at Celtic Connections, the Strathspey and Surreal Society reformed for our third performance in the Old Fruitmarket. Alongside our 4 compositions that were written for the 2016 event we commissioned 5 new pieces from Aidan O’Rourke, Mhairi Mackinnon, Chris Stout and me. It was hard work and all the musicians involved were amazing. The rehearsals were long and hard but the results were worth it. Here is my version of the Bluebell Polka and JF Dickie’s Reel. Hopefully it should make you smile!

Composer website: http://simonthoumire.com/bloobell-polka/

Publisher: MCPS

Tune type: Score

Listen: http://simonthoumire.com/bloobell-polka/

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