This pieces was commissioned by Nigel Richard’s Garvie Bagpipes in 2007. The Garvie Bagpipe Concerto is a new piece of music in three movements by composer Simon Thoumire written to demonstrate the range and beauty of the Garvie Scottish Smallpipes with their newly developed fully chromatic chanter.

The soloist of the piece, will be Dr Simon McKerrell, and the ensemble will consist of piano and two fiddles. The music will be contemporary and explore the different facets of our traditional music. This is a virtuoso piece that demands great technical skill and talent from the soloist.

Bellows-blown Border Pipes have been played in Scotland since the 17th Century but, with this commissioned piece, Garvie Bagpipes are reflecting movements in modern interpretation of traditional music and extending the knowledge influence and repertoire of Borders Pipes.

Soloist: Dr Simon McKerrell Ensemble: piano: Harris Playfair, fiddles: Sarah Wilson, Shona Mooney

Composer website:

Publisher: PRS for Music

Tune type: Score


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